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Napoleon CBD



Now you can have the ultimate smoking experience in a very manageable mini!

Have you ever wanted to smoke…but just a few hits?

Well here is your opportunity!

One gram of the finest craftsmanship and horticulture at your fingertips.

The most exclusive and patented glass tip filter…

The all-natural hand rolled hemp leaflet…

Embracing the highest level boutique flower grown anywhere.

Don’t be intimidated by smoking any more.

The Napoleon is most manageable and inviting smoke on the market.

Did you want to share the gift of CBD with a friend?

Maybe someone who doesn’t want to get too high tonight?

Napoleon is waiting for you…

Put a smile filled with love on your best friends’ faces when you hand them the most elegant and adorable product…

They are going to love you when they open the signature suede box with glistening gold finish.

Be the life of the party…

Get your hands on one of these napoleons before it’s too late.

Again, like all our products there is only a limited batch size.