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Who’s ready for the most innovative addition to vaping?

Imagine smoking with discretion.

Imagine having the patented vape pencil in your hands.

“What is that?” Your friends ask you…

You let them know you have the one and only vape pencil.

It looks like a pencil…

Works like a stylus

And can be discreetly taken anywhere!

Feel free to finally smoke without feeling judged by others.

Do you ever feel like smoking but don’t want the house to smell like smoke?

This is for you!

The glorious blue with a subtle glisen of gold will now be in your hands.

Are you a doctor, engineer, teacher, lawyer or professional?

This is the product for you!

No more judgment from others. 

Be comfortable.

Be Discreet.

Enjoy the Vape Patented Vape Pencil.

300mg of the most naturally extracted CBD oil on the market!

Enjoy A Higher Standard ™