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Every so often you come across those moments

The moments where you have worked so hard

And are ready to play

The moments you deserve to amplify

The moments that you will remember for a lifetime

Well friend,

It is time to meet Trophy (TM)!

Your new best friend

The Trophy understands you…

It knows how hard you work

And rewards you because it’s time to play hard as well.

Enjoy the patented glass tip filter creating a vortex of flavor entering your lips.

Taste all the flavors from boutique-grown CBD.

Notice the hand-rolled leaflet…

Wrapping 2.3 grams of miracle CBD.

Hand-rolled with love

Your smoking experience is also the longest lasting experience on the market.

We have perfected the burn rate so you will be able to sit with your friends and play hard together for longer than any other CBD cigar on the market.

Priceless is the feeling you will have when you’re done smoking the Trophy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest…

And you understand that,

That’s why you’re here, in the Herbès Family.

Try the Trophy today, Treat yourself, You Deserve it.

You are worthy!